NEM Electricity Pricing with Gaffprice

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User Interface

Many software programs and systems in the electricity industry reduce a user's day to a routine of manually entering data, pressing a button, waiting for a process to run, then copying and pasting results from one application into another, before repeating.

Gaffprice has been built to allow as much automation as possible, and integrate with a user's existing data systems.


Once Gaffprice has been set up, there are a minimum of five pieces of data required as input for pricing:

  1. The region of the customer
  2. Their historical load data
  3. The start date of their contract
  4. The end date of their contract
  5. The start date of the historical NEM data to be analysed.

When a customer provides a retailer with a sample of their historical load, this can be included by:

  1. Entering the starting date of their data
  2. Copying and pasting in their half-hourly MW.

Comment tags provide information on every item.

Tariff prices can be split by time-of-use.

Besides the final tariff, users can view price statistics, gross amounts and DSM value.

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