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About Us

Gaffney Systems is a software and consulting company specialising in the National Electricity Market, with our flagship electricity pricing software, Gaffprice. We have also provided individual electricity contract pricing and IT solutions to Australian energy companies.

Sam Gaffney
Sam Gaffney

Sam Gaffney founded Gaffney Systems after spending several years as an analyst with an electricity retailer. During this period, he became intrigued by the challenge of pricing a customer correctly. Sam used his background in mathematics and statistics to make an initial attempt at building a pricing tool, but found that normal statistical methods were not good enough at modelling a market where pool prices went from $20 to $10,000/MWh.

Sam spent the next three years coming back to the problem, trying to find a method that could price a customer reliably. Finally, he came up with the idea of using a "Bidstack Effect" to treat pool prices statistically, and after two more years of coding, testing, and refining the algorithm, Gaffprice was released.

Letters and Numbers

Sam appeared as a contestant on SBS TV's Letters and Numbers game show (the Australian version of the UK's Countdown), making his debut on December 19th 2011. Sam went on to be a retiring champion after six episodes, qualify as first seed for and win the Series 4 finals, and win the only ever "Masters Series" of the show on June 27th 2012. Along the way, there was an amusing moment chasing a target of 821 in his Series 4 semi-final:

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